Texas Volunteer Management Conference

The Texas Volunteer Management Conference is the leading educational event for current and emerging volunteer management professionals in Texas and neighboring states. Throughout its history, the conference has provided an opportunity to learn from top level speakers, trainers and leaders who are outstanding in their fields.

Conference Themes:
TVMC conference themes have ranged from Building Epic Volunteer Engagement (2018) to Volunteerism: The Spirit of America (2002). Other years, the conference focus has included organizational change and capacity building, building a better community through service, networking, and celebrating volunteer management expertise.

2020: Gaining Clarity:
Covid-19 required society to shift in completely new directions. The TVMC leadership team made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 in-person event and quickly shifted to an online weekly free webinar series that has attracted 2,500 enrollees from 43 states and 12 different countries.

Distinguished Keynotes: Each year, TVMC is headlined by an engaging and dynamic keynote speakers. Past TVMC Distinguished Keynote Speakers include:


The City of McKinney Mayor George Fuller, 2019
First Lady Maylee Thomas Fuller, 2019
Dr. Kristin Guillory, 2018
Dr. Kimberly Clay, 2017
Sam Santiago, 2015
Paige DeLeon, 2014
Sarah Jane Rehnborg, 2013
Jill Fixler, 2012
Martin Cowling, 2011
Mack Fuller, 2010
Gary Gifkim, 2009
Randy Snow, 2008
Nancy Gaston, 2007
Max Jaffe, 2006
Deb Lewin, 2005
Bryan Dodge, 2004
Scott Murray, 2003
Rena Pederson, 2002
Todd Whitehorse, 2001
Tom Luce, 2000
Gayle Punch, 1999
John McCaa, 1998
Vicki Clark, 1997
Fred Roach and Carolyn Corbin, 1996
John Criswell and Bryan Flanagan, 1995
David Maldonado and Steve Blow, 1994
Susie Humphreys and Peggy Outon, 1993
Ramona Logan, 1992

Conference Leadership: Members of the TVMC Planning Committee bring professional expertise in volunteer engagement, event planning and leadership as they collaborate to build an enriching and educational event. Past TVMC Chairs include:

Judy Shannon, 2018, 2019, 2020
Millicent Boykin, 2017, 2004, 2003, 2002
Kim Pinter, 2015, 2014
Amira Barger, 2013
Telesa Walton, 2012
Lorrie Anderson, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
Marilyn Hughes, 2006, 2005
Mary Beth Harrington, 2001
Sheila Miller, 2000
Angie McAdory, 1999
Sharon Walker, 1998
Martha Dealey, 1997
Mary Brown, 1992