Dr. Kristen Guillory
Keynote Speaker
Friday, May 4

What Happened When I Discovered I Wasn’t Superwoman

As a volunteer manager, you didn’t get into this field for the thank yous or accolades. Even so, there may be times when you feel tired, discouraged or overlooked. That’s when you need to dig deep and remember your WHY. During this interactive keynote session, Dr. Guillory will remind you why you became involved in volunteer engagement and will help you rediscover your passion and self-worth. Along the way, she will share stories and provide practical tools for self-care and compassion fatigue. Oh, and by the way, there might be some DANCING!

Dr. Kristen Guillory believes in the power of stories and that it’s OK not to be OK. She is a mental health specialist and coach, renowned professor and a sought-after speaker and trainer who uses her signature method incorporating her own life experiences, contagious enthusiasm, dance and a touch of humor. She is the author of Walking Through the Fog: Holding on to Hope When You Can't See the Sun.

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